Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Review of Suffragette

There are some movies that seem to stick with us, long after we watch them.  Suffragette is surely one of those movies.  As we in the United States are consumed with our current presidential election, including not one, but two female candidates, it is hard to even fathom that less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote in this country.  

This movie is a very personal look at the history of the women’s suffrage movement in England in the early 20th century through the story of a working wife and mother named Maud Watts, brilliantly portrayed by Carey Mulligan.  Maud reluctantly joins a group of woman who are fighting for equality and the right to vote.  The incredible Meryl Streep plays a small but pivotal role as Emmeline Pankhurst, a political activist who encourages the movement, and inspires Maud to keep fighting.  Maud is subject to humiliation, abuse and the loss of her child, but this only seems to make her more determined to fight on.  The cast was brilliant and I have no doubt that Suffragette will be included in the list of movies being discussed for awards. 

I found this movie gripping and emotional, and incredibly painful to watch.  It is hard to see the struggle that women went through in their fight for the vote, only to realize that so many women today don’t even bother to vote. 

I highly recommend Suffragette, a powerful look at our history. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Blitz; Temperance by Chrissie Parker

As my NaNo month continues, here is another fun new book to check out.

About the Book:

Gabriel is weary, hunting for a murderer.
Patience is adrift, her life a complete lie.
Nate is scared, hiding from his worst fears.
Juliet is frantic, her time is running out.

As four fragile lives collide, the truth is finally revealed.

And betrayal and death become inevitable.

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Read an Excerpt: 

Lake Tranquil was vast.  So much so that Patience couldn’t see where it ended or began.  Despite its size, it was deserted.  She was the only human in sight and she loved the thought of being so alone, immersed in the beauty of nature.  An occasional bird flitted in and out of the trees, or swooped down to land at the water’s edge.  In the distance, a rabbit ran through the trees, its tail bobbed, flashing white as it ran for cover.
Trees lined craggy mountains that surrounded the lake.  They were thick, green and tall, and reached to the shoreline; only a small wavering line of pebble-covered beach sat between the shimmering waters and the forest.  

It was heavenly. 

It wasn’t the first time Patience had been to Lake Tranquil.  Once, as a child, she had visited it with her mother and enjoyed a week of blissful freedom away from the chaos of life.  Now here, fleeting memories flooded back.  Swimming in the lake as her mother sat on the deck and read.  Running through the trees playing hide and seek, and sitting on the shore as the sun set.  Watching the stars appear overhead as her mother cooked fish over a smoky fire.  It was a time in her life that stuck in her mind, when her mother had been truly happy and content. 

It was why Patience was here. 

For her mother.To try to be closer to her, to try to understand her.To try to find some peace.

About the Author:
Chrissie lives in Devon, UK, with her husband and is a freelance Production Coordinator working in the TV, documentary and film industry.
Chrissie is also an Author.  Her thriller Integrate was released in October 2013 and her historical fiction Among the Olive Groves was released in July 2014.
Other written work includes factual articles for the Bristolian newspaper and guest articles for the charities Epilepsy Awareness Squad and Epilepsy Literary Heritage Foundation.  Chrissie has also written a book of short stories and poems, one of which was performed at the 100 poems by 100 women event at the Bath International Literary Festival in 2013.

Chrissie is passionate about Ancient History, Archaeology and Travel, and has completed two six-month Archaeology and Egyptology courses with Exeter University.   She is learning to play the Ukulele and likes to read, collect books, listen to music. To find out more about Chrissie visit her WEBSITE

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Book Blast of When Our Worlds Collide

While I am busy with NaNo this month I don't have much time for blog posts so I am taking the opportunity to introduce some wonderful new books, starting with this one by Aniesha Brahma.

About the Book:
Akriti has led a pretty much sheltered life. 
Zayn has been shuttled from city to city when he was growing up. 
She is comfortable watching her life from the sidelines. 
He wants to feel rooted to a place he can call ‘home’. 
They meet each other quite by chance. 
And both seize the chance to be someone they both need in their lives: 
For Zayn, it’s a 'Partner-In-Crime'. 
For Akriti, someone who just knows how to be there for her… 
When their worlds collide, 
It is not what either of them expected it to be. 
Zayn has a steady girlfriend. And Akriti has a crush on him. 
What happens when these two become friends? 
The biggest adventure of their lives? Or the road to heartbreak? 
What happens when two completely different people collide? 
Do they become friends? Or, is their friendship doomed from the start? 
'When Our Worlds Collide' is the story of two twenty-three-year olds, Who are finally growing up and finding their feet in the world. 
A tale of friendship and love, crushes and betrayals, messes and second chances, Marriage and divorce… and the elusive happily ever after! 

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Meet (Most of) the Characters of When Our Worlds Collide 

- Akriti – The 23-year-old protagonist who runs her mother’s little café. She lives a lonely existence because she is too afraid of letting people get close to her, for she fears they would leave her and cause unbearable pain.

- Zayn – He is Akriti’s ex-classmate, Nimmi’s boyfriend, who comes into her life pretty much by accident. He forces Akriti to come out of her shell, and is pretty much one of her only friends.

- Ayoub – He is a 21-year-old, who helps Akriti run the café. He likes her but knows that he shouldn’t act on those feelings…yet.

- Akriti’s Mother – In order to save Akriti from a very bitter truth, her mother alienates her from her life.

- Akriti’s Father – He had left his family for another woman when Akriti was 13 years old.

- Gia – Ayoub’s cousin, who happens to come into Akriti’s café a lot.

- Esha – Gia’s best friend. She also harbors a crazy crush on Ayoub.

- Ryan – Gia and Esha’s friend and classmate.

- Nancy – Akriti’s father’s fiancée.

- Riley – Nancy’s son from her previous marriage.

About the Author:
Aniesha Brahma knew she wanted to be a writer since she was six years old. She was schooled in Dolna Day School and went on to pursue B.A., M.A., and M.Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur Univeristy. She currently lives in Kolkata, with her family and five pet cats. The Secret Proposal was her debut novel, followed by The Guitar Girl. She was a contributing author with her story The Difference, in the anthology: Voices, Old & New. When Our Worlds Collide is her third work of fiction, and first novella.

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