Thursday, March 6, 2014

100 days - Anticipation is part of the fun

Ask anyone who has planned a special vacation and they will tell you that part of the adventure was in the planning.  Looking at all the options.  Choosing and hoping you made the best choice.  Wondering what it will be like.  All of the anticipation that creates excitement for your trip. 

Our special wedding trip is exactly 100 days away.  Peter and I have chosen to get married in Antigua at a fabulously beautiful place called Hermitage Bay Resort (  Many people have asked me, "why Antigua?" and to be perfectly honest there is no real reason except - why not?  When Peter and I began discussing the idea of getting married, we both immediately agreed on the idea of a beach wedding somewhere, barefoot and relaxed. 

With an engagement ring on my hand and a vague idea for a date, I began to research online.  I came across an article that listed 'the most beautiful beaches in the world'.  I looked through pictures of each stunning setting, everyone more beautiful than the last one.  After lots more time surfing the web and staring at gorgeous beach photos, I narrowed a list down to 5 possible locations and sent the list to Peter.  Within seconds he responded with ANTIGUA (and yes it was written in all caps with several exclamation points). 

Antigua - with its amazing blue water and stunning beaches.  Did you know that Antigua boasts about having 365 beaches, a separate one for each day of the year.  It sounded perfect for a barefoot beach wedding.

With a location chosen - it was time to get serious and narrow down the specific choices of where to stay. When I looked through various websites I saw Hermitage Bay Resort and I fell in love with it immediately.   The secluded bungalows, the private beach, it looked like paradise.   I showed it to Peter and of course he loved it right away too.  It is very expensive, but we both decided this is something we really want, and I know that getting married barefoot on a beach at Hermitage Bay will be fantastic.  This is the wedding location of our dreams; 10 days of being spoiled and pampered at a luxury resort on a beach.

Part of the fun for Peter and I has been sitting and reading the customer reviews about Hermitage Bay that have been posted online.  Reading about how much other couples have enjoyed their trip is adding to our excitement about our upcoming wedding. 

In 100 days we will be there, staring at the gorgeous view as we say 'I do'. I know that anywhere I go with Peter would be fun, but just like any other bride, I want this to be an extraordinary trip, a wedding to remember, and I think Hermitage Bay is the right place for us.   

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  1. You have made an excellent choice. It is going to be perfect.