Monday, March 17, 2014

Back to work

Today was my first day back to work after several weeks off to recover from pneumonia.  I have to admit it was a long day.  I had a stack of papers to grade (and by stack I mean it was over 7 inches high – more than 1,000 individual papers) that had accumulated during my absence.  I spent all day Sunday grading & my arm hurt before I was finished.  I also had to lesson plan, answer parent e-mails and work on report cards – and that was before the kids even got there. 

I missed my kiddos & I am very happy to say they missed me too.  I was greeted with lots of hugs and smiles.  It has been a rough time at my school lately, a lot has been going on.  As a teacher – it always feel like a burden to others if you take some time off.  It was nice to be able to be there to see my students, help my co-workers and simply to do my job. 

I don’t think I ever appreciated how hard teachers worked before I became one.  I simply took for granted that my daughters’ teachers would do a good job – and I am so lucky to say that for the most part they really did.  We were lucky to have fantastic teachers from Kindergarten through High School.  Although I bought the standard teacher gifts and I always tried to be polite, in hindsight I wish I had done more to thank the great teachers who made a difference to my daughters.  Their enthusiasm, their excitement and their caring made a big difference.  Both of my daughters went on to earn a full ride scholarship to ASU and I know that I have many wonderful teachers to thank for helping them to accomplish that incredible feat. 

I am always humbled and honored when parents take the time to say thank you to me or let me know how much I have meant to their student.  Starbucks gift cards are nice, but the best gifts I have ever received as a teacher are the beautiful heartfelt thank you’s from students and parents. 

Even though it is only Monday and I am already exhausted – It is nice to be back with my kiddos, doing my job.

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