Saturday, March 1, 2014

Another Book review: Totally Cats:Life with Chatterbox, a Tuxedo tabby

I have been asked by another author to please read and review her new book.  While I am trying to do my marketing and my writing, I feel a strong pull to help fellow authors in their book promotion, so I have agreed to offer my perspective on her new book.  I think of it as good book karma, hopefully I will have lots of support from fellow writers when I am ready to release my books.  I have made a commitment to myself to always be honest in my reviews - so here goes:

This books is titled "Totally Cats: Life with Chatterbox, a Tuxedo Tabby.  If you are a cat lover you might enjoy this book, but I did not enjoy it.  The author chose to switch frequently from the cats perspective to the humans living with the cat, and all of this switching made the book confusing at times.  The stories themselves were odd and even more oddly presented, an epic battle with some ants that got into the house actually was the feature of more than one of the chapters.  The author used overly formal language, making it even more difficult to follow the story at times.  The author also chose to include several items that have been circulating social media for years, which detracted more than added to the story.  In general I found the writing style to be disorganized and confusing.  I personally would not recommend this book.

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