Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Virtual Baby Shower

Most of us have family spread across the country.  My oldest daughter moved across the country to Tennessee and married a wonderful man.  It was a challenge for all of her family and friends in Arizona to travel across the country for her wedding and not everyone was able to make the trip. 

I was completely thrilled when my daughter and new son-in-law called to tell us that they were expecting.  I have been looking forward to becoming a grandma and I know my grandchild will be loved by so many.  I wanted to make sure to include family and friends near and far in the celebration of this new addition to our family, but how could I accomplish a baby shower that would include everyone. 
In today’s world of technology there are so many options to connect with others so I decided to try something fun and new – a virtual baby shower. 

First I created an event on Facebook and invited family and loved ones all across the country, but I did not include the expecting Mom in hopes of surprising her.  I did some Google searches and found some fun Baby Shower games and activities that could be adapted for our virtual shower.  
Each day I tried to add a fun fact, game or activity as well as sharing info about the baby gift registries that she had signed up for. 

I did have several folks who were confused by the concept, but with a little explanation they were quick to jump on board. 

Here are just a few of the fun activities I posted

The day of the event I invited my daughter and told her all about it.  She had the chance to scroll through all of the fun wishes from her friends and family.  She loved reading the responses to all of the shower games.  I will admit it was not the same as being there in person – but this was a fun way to include everyone. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life from a Different Point of View

Have you seen this picture?  It has been circulating social media for quite awhile.  Many of us relate to the little girl on the right, joyfully being herself and making her own rules in life. 

I was definitely that little girl.  I got lost in daydreams, I became so engrossed in books that I lost track of the world around me.  I didn’t worry too much about what others thought of me. 

My mother used to share stories about watching me at dance class.  Parents sat behind a two-way mirror while their children did their best to follow along with the strict ballet instructor.  While other students were carefully paying attention, I was staring at my reflection, twirling around and generally doing my own thing.  It was clear I would never become a prima ballerina, but it was also clear that I was someone who would make my own way in life.

 I have always had a certain amount of disregard for rules.  I am so grateful to my Mom who taught me to stand up for myself.  I am not afraid to challenge authority and fight for what I believe in. I think that most people who know me would agree that I am still very much like that little girl - joyfully making up her own way of doing things.