Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Empty Nest is not so empty

             Have you heard about women who mope around the house once their children are grown and gone?  I want to make it clear – I am not one of those women.  Mostly because I haven’t had the chance to experience being alone.  My two daughters have moved out and back in to my house numerous times so far.  When I hear someone talk about having an empty nest, I usually offer a sarcastic retort like “I wouldn’t know what that’s like” but to be honest, I don’t mind that much.

While I would like some space and privacy, and a lower grocery bill, having 20 something’s around the house can be fun.  I learn so much from my grown kids all the time.  I can proudly boast that I have a Pinterest, Instagram, and a snap chat account.  I know what a Vine is (which is something I do not think most people my age can say).  I know the latest music.  My house is noisy and messy but my life is very full.

If and when I finally do get that actual empty nest – I am really looking forward to having a cleaner house and lower utility bill.  I’m looking forward to bringing home leftovers from my favorite restaurant and actually still finding them when I want to eat them.  I am looking forward to the freedom that comes from having your own personal space, but until that day actually happens I will enjoy having my daughter living with me and making my life much more interesting.

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  1. I have severe anxiety about the fact that soon my kids will all move out. There is no better feeling then knowing our kids are safe under our roof at night. My husband and I have five kids ages 23, 22, 20 year old boy/girl twins and an 11 year old. Currently all five live at home and I couldn't be happier. Two o my sons have moved out and back home again. All four of my oldest attend the local university which we live about 2 miles away from However one of my sons is graduating in May and has been accepted to Graduate school on the other end of the country. I am so proud of him and at the same time preparing myself for when he moves. Trying to make the most of the time we have with him while he is still here.