Friday, March 28, 2014

Don’t Go in the Water

Here’s a hint, when planning your amazing destination wedding on a beach in Antigua, it is best not to watch Jaws on TV right before booking a scuba trip.

I can still vividly remember standing in line to see Jaws when it was released in the theatres.  I lived in Tucson at the time – and the movie came out in the middle of the summer (just in time for beach season I guess).  I was wearing these groovy new shoes that I was really proud of– they were plastic sandals that had a cool open section in the heel.  We were standing outside in the heat of the Arizona sun and my shoes literally melted into the 100+ degree pavement as we waited in line to be first to see the blockbuster hit. 

Just a few weeks after seeing the movie I went on a trip to San Diego with my mom, and as I looked out at the Pacific Ocean, all I could picture was that big shark out there waiting for unsuspecting swimmers.  Visions of a big hungry Great White crossed my mind, and I know I wasn’t alone.  Like most people I am intrigued by sharks.  I have to admit I would love to see one up close, and even touch one. 

My fiancé loves to scuba dive.  I have been diving with him a few times and we are planning to scuba dive on our honeymoon.  I told him that I would like to scuba dive with sharks and he thinks I am crazy (but to be fair – I am a little crazy).  I don’t want to swim with big scary Great White sharks, but to see a small shark up close sounds cool.  I have seen pictures of divers getting really close to big whale sharks and that looks amazing too. 

 I have to be honest, every time I go swimming in the ocean I wonder whether there are sharks out in the surf with me.  Jaws made a big impression on everyone, and we all became more aware of these great predators of the sea.  There have been dozens of other movies that tried to capture the thrill and fear that Jaws created, but none of them ever came close.  Steven Spielberg forever changed how we view the ocean, but I am still planning to take my chances and enjoy swimming in it.   


  1. I've never seen the entire movie of Jaws--I think I only saw the first half of it on television one time, so for forever I feel like there's still a killer shark on the loose!

  2. I totally agree Rachel, I think seeing the movie when I was young left a lifelong impression on me.