Saturday, March 8, 2014

I Miss You Mom

This week is always hard for me, this is the week my Mom passed away three years ago.  I still miss her every day.  I wish I could pick up the phone and call her.  I really want to tell her about my writing, she would be so proud (but she would not understand anything about blogging – she did NOT do computers). 

My mom was a very special person – her children and her grandchildren meant the world to her.  Her favorite hobby was spoiling us as much as humanly possible.  Her other hobbies included watching TV (especially cooking shows and her soap operas), shopping and eating.  My mother was a foodie!  She loved food - all kinds of food, and my father was an amazing cook. 

My mother taught me how to stand up for myself.  She taught me to believe in myself.  Most importantly she showed me how to be a loving mother.  For my entire life, my mom put her kids and her grandkids first.  Her greatest joy was seeing her children and grandchildren happy.  I never really appreciated how much she loved all of us until I had two incredibly beautiful daughters of my own.  I knew I would do anything for them - and I realized that's exactly how my Mom felt about me. 

It was tough saying goodbye to her.  I don't think anyone ever quite gets over losing their Mom.  She was surrounded by her children and her grandchildren when she passed away.  I am confident that she knew how much she was loved by all of us.  Each year around this time, I find myself getting extra emotional, fussy & irritable.  I just feel off – and then I finally realize the cause of my melancholy mood.  If I don’t realize it right away, my fiancé, who is amazingly perceptive, will gently remind me that I usually get more emotional during this time of the year. 
I remember once, when I was really young, I got lost in a store.  I didn’t know where my mom was, I looked everywhere (which I’m sure consisted of a radius of 5 feet, but felt much larger at that age) before panic started to set it, just when I felt like all hope was lost, there she was.  She didn’t yell at me for wandering away, she just grabbed me and I felt safe.  I knew she would always be there to protect me.  There are some days I feel like that little kid lost in a store again. 

On those days – I just try to focus on my memories of my amazing Mom



  1. Beautiful memories of your mom. Keep her memory alive and keep sharing those special moments. I'm sure she's watching over you and is proud of your accomplishments. Aimi Medina

  2. Thanks Aimi - I appreciate the kind words

  3. I can relate. I lost my dad in October and its so hard not being able to pick up the phone and talk to him. We called each other every day. He was my best friend. Its so hard.