Sunday, November 11, 2012

Great news - things between me and my uterus have now officially settled down.  I don't have periods anymore.  I was having a bunch of hot flashes and hormone symptoms for a month or two after the procedure, but even that seems to be settling down for me.  This is exciting and happy news indeed.  All the stress and anxiety of the summer seems to be in the past.  Periods are now a thing of the past and I haven't noticed any other problematic symptoms.  I know that I do need to be aware of any changes, pain, bleeding, etc but it seems as if things are much better and I don't have to refer to it as a mean uterus anymore.

I have decided it is time to start focusing on the goals I have for myself.  I am going to work hard at increasing my exercise level and decreasing my weight.  I am also going to commit to write more.  I hope that I can reach my goal of publishing a book before I turn 50.  I stated looking into epublishing and I think I can do it.  It is going to take self-discipline, which is not one of my talents, but I know I can get there. 

I did go and get my annual skin check and sure enough, she found another spot (on my face) with cancer.  The PA is having me use this stupid RX creme to kill the cancer cells and avoid having surgery and a scar on my face.  I hate using the creme because every day it reminds me there is cancer on my face - I think I would prefer the scar.  I'm not sure why, but cancer has a way of freaking people out, even people who usually don't freak out about stuff.  Thank goodness if I have to have stupid cancer that at least its the kind on my skin that grows slowly and isn't very serious.

Okay I am going to work on writing for real, I can do this!

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