Monday, August 11, 2014

O Captain My Captain

Everyone who knows me knows that I have always loved Robin Williams.  His movies and his personality left a big impression on me, but of all the incredible movies he made, Dead Poets Society was my favorite.   That movie was so heart wrenching and moving - I  cry every time I watch it.  I think that movie, more than any other shows the frustration and futility of suicide.  I was completely heartbroken upon hearing the news about Robin Williams today, along with so many millions of his fans. What was even more challenging was the fact that he took his own life. 

People don't like to mention suicide, it makes the news briefly, but then it is only mentioned in brief comments, "wasn't that sad".  It is different for people who have experienced the suicide of a loved one or family member.  Suicide is a unique grief that is awful to go through, I know because 7 years ago my own husband took his life.  My heart breaks for the family of Robin Williams, I understand just a little bit of what they are dealing with and it is awful.  Anger, sadness, confusion and hundreds of other feelings are all mixed up in jumble of incomprehensible emotions. 
 We all feel like we lost a loved one today, Robin Williams was a person who uniquely touched our lives.  I will miss his beautiful spirit, his incredible wit and the world will never be the same without him.

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  1. Robin Williams put a face on the tragedy of suicide, but there are so many others, here is a website dedicated to showing the faces of suicide