Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bienvenue Ophelie

Sorry I haven’t had as much time to blog recently because I have been busy enjoying some time with a wonderful young lady from France who is a guest in our home through an exchange student program.  If you ever have the chance to host an exchange student, I highly recommend it.  It is a wonderful experience. 

Ophelie is from the northern part of France, and she is a sweet young woman who has added so much to our lives this summer. 

We have taken some fun trips up to Sedona and to the Grand Canyon, but we have also just had fun at home playing games and watching movies.  Our French/English game of Pictionary was hilarious. 

Although he agreed, my husband was nervous at first, I was inviting a total stranger into our home.  He was worried that she would be bored.  I could tell he was very unsure about my decision to host a student, but he is absolutely in love with our new French 'daughter', and it has been so much fun to watch Ophelie try to teach Peter how to speak French. 

Hosting a student from another country is such an amazing way to learn about the world, and also a great opportunity to reach out and make a difference in the world.  Even through just one student, Ophelie and her family in France will now have a very real and personal connection to America.  Ophelie’s world view has expanded so much this summer, and we have learned so much about life in France. 

I may not have as much time to write and blog this summer, but the experiences I am having with Ophelie are priceless. 

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