Thursday, September 17, 2015

Where o where has my motivation gone?

I’m stuck!  I have really great ideas, but lately I feel very ‘stuck’ when it comes to my writing. I am having a really hard time sitting down and putting words on a page.
I have lots of excuses;
-I really have been busy planning my daughter’s wedding
-I am working a lot more hours than I did last year (which is actually a really good thing cuz we can sure use the extra money)

but the simple truth is those are just excuses.  The real problem is that I am feeling unmotivated.  Writing has become a struggle for me and I am finding it hard to even write a simple blog post, let alone work on one of the novels that I have started. 

As an author, when this happens I really only have two choices. 
1)  I can choose to take a break, and not beat myself up about it.  Writing is a creative process and being able to write doesn’t always fit neatly into a prescribed schedule.  Being able to step away from your writing projects can help offer some clarity, and you can resume writing with a fresh new perspective.  As long as the break doesn’t last too long this is an option.
2)  I can try the old ‘gut it out & fake it until you make it’ approach.  I can just push through, by sitting in front of my computer each day and trying to get something on the page.   May famous writers have shared that they do set a minimum daily writing goal for themselves.  Rain or shine – just like the post office, each day they deliver. Eventually the words will come back if I just keep trying. 
Whichever method I use, it is up to me to weather this writing drought and not give up. 

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