Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Need to be Spontaneous

Have you ever noticed how often your nice neat plans get completely changed, usually at the last minute, and you wind up making things up as you go?  In large ways and in small way, my plans have a way of never working out exactly how I intended.  This is not always a bad thing, but at times it can be frustrating. 

Flexibility is an important skill in life.  People who try to live by a very narrow rigid path can wind up making themselves crazy.  I am not saying that all planning is bad or useless; quite the contrary in fact. I think having a plan is essential, but you cannot be so tied to your plans that you are unwilling or unable to make compromises or change direction. 

Life has a way of changing our plans.  Just when you think you had your credit card paid off, you wind up needing some car repairs, or just when you are ready to celebrate your last child moving out of the house, another child asks if they can move back in.  Everyone has had a similar experience.  Planning for the future is important.  It helps give you direction, but you have to be flexible enough to deal with an occasional detour.  

Years ago, in my first marriage, my life was always neat and orderly.  The house was clean and well maintained.  Trips were planned well in advance.  There was little room in my busy, organized life to be spontaneous.  There were benefits to all this organization.  We were incredibly productive.  We had little debt, a beautiful home, and we had accomplished a great deal.  We did make some time to play, but our schedule and our lives were very full and somewhat rigid. 

Fast-forward to today and I still have a beautiful home, although not quite as clean.  I still have a very full life, but it includes a lot more time for fun.  My life now also includes a great deal of spontaneity.  Much of that has to do with my incredible husband.  He appreciates my ability to plan ahead, but he also teaches me the skill of just being in the moment. 
Its okay to be silly, its okay to have fun, sometimes a change in plans is wonderful!


  1. Yesssssss!!
    Spontaneity flexibility and resiliency. Key key key for me.