Friday, May 20, 2016

National Get Caught Up with Reading month

I’m not sure who had the idea of National Get Caught Up with Reading month, but this is an event that I really need.  I am seriously addicted to books, I have so many books that I “plan on reading soon”. 
·      There are piles of books next to my bed. 
·      There are three full bookcases of books, and there is another crate of books on the floor in my office closet that I have been meaning to read.
·       I have hundreds of books downloaded onto my kindle. 
·      I have over 1000 books on my Goodreads ‘to-read’ list
·      I have a serious problem. 

I read books for my book club.  I read books that other authors have asked me to review.  I read new books that my favorite authors release.  I read new best-seller books that sound fun.  I re-read some of my favorite childhood classics.  I read books that people are talking about.  I read books that I won on Goodread’s giveaways.  I read books to keep learning even more about history.  I read books that just look interesting for some reason. I have a serious book addiction. 

I am so excited for the summer months because during the lazy days of summer I spend much more time reading, but honestly if I did nothing but read full time for the next year I am not sure if I could finish the all the books I own. 

Excuse me – I’m going to go do some reading now – and hopefully make a small dent in my pile of books to be read.

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  1. For me, summer IS the busy time (with gardening and just being outside). But, I was just getting ready to grab my Kindle and go out to the yard. Now, I will!