Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Never Ending Battle

Dog Hair!  It is an essential element in my home.  We have three large dogs so cleaning up after them is a never ending battle, and I am losing the war. 

Full disclosure – I am not a very good housekeeper to begin with, but once you add three big dogs in the mix, the level of dog hair reaches apocalyptic levels.  Using the vacuum for just a few short minutes in my house fills the canister to the brim, requiring a stop to empty the volumes of collected hair.  I am fairly certain that over a lifetime I have ingested pounds of dog hair. 
Any item of clothing I own is covered in hair, and there is no hiding from it.  When I wear dark colors, the white hair of our big Great Dane Lab mix shows up like an accessory, and if I wear light colors the dark hair of my Shepherd mix adorns my clothing.  In either case the hair of our Border Collie is both black and white, showing up on both light and dark colored clothing that I wear. 
I know that all dog families struggle with excess dog hair, but when you have three big dogs you have to try and deal with three times the amount of hair – and frankly it’s a battle we are losing.  I wish I could come up with some sort of positive use for all this hair.  If it were longer and IF I had the talent I could weave all that hair into a useful rug or blanket. 

If anyone has any ideas for a useful purpose for all this dog hair please let me know, and in the meantime I have to go vacuum again. 


  1. LOL! I feel your pain. We have two profuse shedders and we are canine foster parents. So. Much. Hair. That is a beautiful crew you have.

  2. When we had our bull mastiff and black lab I would vacuum in the morning I would vacuum at night I still wouldn't win the battle :-)
    Now that we have a goldendoodle who doesn't shed I've been hurt to say I'm never going back. I lie :-) I would get another Mastif in a heartbeat

  3. I had a dog that shed terribly - when he died, we got a poodle mix. No shedding at all! Our newest addition (2 days ago) is also a poodle mix. I couldn't keep up with all the hair!