Saturday, September 27, 2014

Say Yes to the Dress - Ginger style

Its that moment that little girls dream of, the real life version of Say Yes To The Dress.  My daughter and I spent the past weekend going to countless bridal stores trying on various wedding dresses, each one more beautiful than the last one.  It was a special weekend; full of laughs and those beautiful moments that moms dream about from the second we bring home that little pink bundle of joy. 
My little girl is all grown up and will soon become a stunning bride.  It was so incredible to see her smile as she stood there admiring and evaluating each dress.  Did it feel like her style?  Was it flattering to her figure?  Did it match her personality?  There were several dresses that came really close, but she wasn’t sure yet, so we kept looking.

Trying on wedding dresses in the Phoenix heat can be tough, my daughter provided lots of comic relief throughout the weekend as she lifted the dresses to get some cooling.  After looking at and trying on more tulle and lace than I have ever seen in one place, I am excited to announce that we found THE dress, the perfect one.  I am strictly forbidden from sharing any pictures of the dress, but thanks to a cropping tool and your imagination, you can picture the incredible beauty I had the amazing privilege to see. 
We also had the chance to talk this weekend, in between trying on all the dresses.   We talked about my daughter’s ideas for the wedding, as well as her hopes and dreams for the future.

There is nothing quite like shopping for a wedding dress; a wedding is one of the most special days in your life, but a wedding – no matter how beautiful and special, is only one day.  A marriage is for a lifetime – and finding someone you want to spend your life with is beautiful and special and worth celebrating, no matter which dress you choose. 

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