Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Call to Action

Any good salesman knows that the most important part of a sales contact is the call-to-action.  This is a key concept in marketing.  This is how you make the sale, for authors this is where you ask people to buy your book(s). 
If you have an author page (or blog page, etc.) on Facebook you may have noticed a new Call to Action button.  I want to offer a great big Thank You to Facebook for adding such a great feature.  It is simple, it is prominently located, and there is NO COST to use this nifty little feature – that’s right, it’s free. 

I noticed a few fellow author pages had a “Shop Now” button, so I got curious and then I noticed a new button on my own page.  I clicked on the “call to action” button on my author page, the directions were simple and easy, I linked the amazon page for my book and now anyone who visits my Facebook page will see button that says “Shop Now” and if they click it goes right to a location where they can now buy my books. 

This new feature was added in December and according to Facebook:
Page admins can select from a group of call-to-action buttons — like Shop Now or Sign Up — to add to the top of their Page. The seven calls to action available are:
   Book Now
   Contact Us
   Use App
   Play Game
   Shop Now
   Sign Up
   Watch Video

Now authors can add purchase links, direct fans to sign up for e-mail lists, or even direct fans to their new book trailers.  If you haven’t already taken advantage of this new feature, you should. 

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