Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Reading my way to friendship

One of the challenges that I faced when I decided to pursue writing as a full time career was the loss of daily social interactions with co-workers. I really love spending my time writing, but it can be a solitary existence if I am not careful.  I have made some wonderful online friendships with fellow writers and bloggers, but I noticed that I missed that face-to-face contact with other women. When I picked up my local newspaper and saw a classified ad for a book club I realized this might be a perfect opportunity to not only read some great books, but this was also a great way to make some new friendships and replace some of that face-to-face time I was missing. I sent off an e-mail and then promptly forgot about it.
A few days later I received a reply, asking for some information about me, to see if I would be a good fit for the club. I filled out the requested info and was happily accepted. Yes, I was nervous going to the club for the first time, but everyone was warm and gracious. I have been going for six months now, and I love it. My book club meets once a month and they take turns ‘hosting’ the meeting each month. The hostess chooses the book for that month and the location of the meeting.
When I go to my book club meeting each month, I come home invigorated, and often I come home with a list of great book recommendations. My club has a fantastic group of women. We don’t all make it to every meeting, and there is no great shame if you did not manage to finish reading the designated book, but the conversation is always lively and fun. My book club nights have become something that I really look forward to.
Book Clubs can be as varied and personal as the individual members who join them. In our book club there is a variety of reading levels; some of us read the assigned book and possibly a few more, some ladies read 6-10 books or more each month, and some of the ladies are lucky to finish the featured book. With work and families and life intruding, we all do the best we can, but we all appreciate the time to get together, have a nice glass of wine and some food, and spending a few hours in lively conversation. We don’t just talk about books, but we do try to spend some time sharing our thoughts about each month’s selection.
I have already made some very positive connections with these women, and I am so glad I decided to join a book club. If you love reading, a book club might be a perfect way to have some fun and make some new friends too.

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