Monday, October 19, 2015

A Tale of Two Sisters

My oldest daughter recently got married and I had the chance to watch my two daughters together.  They have the most beautiful and the most frustrating relationship I have ever seen. 

They love each other very much and they seem to understand each other on a level that borders on precognition, but they also have the ability to push each other’s buttons faster than the speed of light. 

It is always eventful when they get together. I have watched as their relationship has grown and changed over the years.  I have often had to play the role of referee, but I have also witnessed them fiercely defending each other. 

Their turbulent relationship makes me think about my own sisters, and they way we have grown and changed over the years.  It’s harder to stay connected as we get older.  Our families, our children, and even grandchildren become the focus of our lives, and time to spend with siblings gets harder and harder to accomplish. 

I have had my own struggles with my sisters over the years as well.  Being the youngest I wasn’t always treated with kindness and respect.  Many of the issues that we dealt with as children seem to return in our adult relationships. The older ‘bossy’ sister, the middle ‘rebel’ sister and of course my role as the ‘spoiled baby’.  We have all changed a great deal over the years, yet some of these nuances still linger.  We unconsciously assign roles to one another, and we have shared hard feelings on occasion.  I don’t always agree with the choices that my sisters make. 
As an adult, I have found it easier to understand our complicated relationship.  There are times when the voices of the past creep into current situations. I have to remind myself that we are grown now; although there are times I wish I could run and tattle to my mom once more. 

For some reason my relationships with my brothers is much less complicated.  Even though they are very different personalities, I easily get along well with each of them.

Sisters are just more complicated, but no matter how frustrating our relationship can be at times, I know that my sisters love me and will always be there for me, just as I will always be there for them.


  1. I'm the middle sister of three. Its always been interesting. I was the peacekeeping clown between my sisters turbulant relationship. Today, I still get along with everybody. What we learn stays with us.

    1. Thanks Elle, I completely agree - our past becomes part of us.