Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hey Marty - It's the future, where is my hover board?

 If you are like me, you watched Back to the Future when you were younger.  This incredibly popular trilogy followed the adventures of Marty McFly and his lovable mentor Doc, who manages to create a time machine.  These movies had everything, adventure, humor, a bumbling nasty bad guy and of course a love interest, but it also had some really fun ideas and cool special effects (at that time they were cutting edge).
In the second movie Marty returns with the Doc to October 21, 2015 and Marty uses a cool hover board to escape from Biff.  Back in the eighties when these movies came out, we all wanted our own hover boards.
Well Its October 2015, so I want to know, where is my hover board?  Fans of the Chicago Cubs are ecstatic that Marti's prediction about the Cubbies winning the world series could actually come true, just like in the movie.  And where are all the other cools things that the writers imagined about the future, back in the 1980’s.  If you haven’t watched back to the future – do yourself a favor and rent all 3 movies.  They are corny and silly and a whole lot of fun, but beware – you will want your hover board too.


  1. Love this! Loved the movie. Would love to write a post on my own about this, but with the grand running around, not sure that I will be able to today lol.
    Thank you for bringing back the memories...God Bless!

    1. Thanks Jason - these were some of my favorite movies too. Thanks for stopping by my blog