Sunday, July 3, 2016

Must Love Dogs: Who Let the Cats In? by Claire Cook

Getting a book for FREE is always great.

Getting a book from your favorite author for FREE is even better.

Getting asked personally by your favorite author to read her brand new book is fantastic.

I feel so honored to once again be asked to share my thoughts on the latest installment of the ‘Must Love Dogs’ series. 

Opening a Claire Cook book is like spending an afternoon with a good friend, and her newest book is another fun, light-hearted and uplifting read.  I was lucky enough to get an early look at the latest installment of the ongoing 'Must Love Dogs' series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is the continuing story of the lovable Sarah Hurlihy, as she and her boyfriend John decide to buy and renovate Sarah's beautiful old family home.  Sarah is such a relatable character, and it is easy to enjoy her struggles at work, and her large, affectionate, but intrusive family, and mostly her kind loving nature.  Cook has readers cheering for Sarah’s triumphs and empathizing with her struggles. 

Claire Cook has a unique ability to present tough issues in a non-threatening way.  As Sarah struggles with her desire to get pregnant, she deals with her fears of never becoming a mom by pouring all of her mothering on a family of cats living under the front porch. Sarah and John learn how to set boundaries with Sarah's large and close-knit family, finding ways to carve out time for themselves, but all of the chaos takes a toll on their relationship. 

I really enjoyed this book, I laughed out loud at Sarah's quirky personality and her hilarious misadventures.  Must Love Dogs: Who Let the Cats in? is a purrfect summer beach read.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

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