Sunday, December 31, 2017

Its that time again……

Its December 31st and once again friends and family are discussing their goals for the upcoming year.  Yup – all the pressure that comes with the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

To be honest I really don’t like resolutions.  I am a big fan of setting goals in life, but resolutions almost always fail because they have no real plan for success.  Setting goals without taking the time to really identify actionable steps to get you there are almost always going to fail.  Some resolutions are successful when people are willing to seriously commit the time and effort to achieve them. 

With all that said here is what I hope to accomplish in 2018

·      Drink more water – I have never been one of those people who drink lots of water.  I know water is essential for good health and for losing weight so I have gotten some new water bottles that I am trying to keep filled and with me at all times.  I also just ordered some cool new flavored water to try called ‘Hint’. I CAN do this.  If you see me tell me to drink more water.
·      Walking at least 3-5X per week – I admit I have allowed myself to get very out of shape, from someone who completed a half marathon to someone who is now overweight and badly out of shape.  I can give lots of reasons or excuses about breaking my ankle – twice, but the truth is I just need to get my butt in gear.  I know that if I start by walking I can increase my fitness level and be on the way to improved health. My new job at the Desert Botanical Gardens will really help me to accomplish this goal. I will also drag my old fitbit out of retirement to help me hold myself accountable.
·      Travel to one new place I haven’t been before – this is an ongoing goal and I am already scouring travel websites to look for good deals.  Last year I made it to Iceland and had a wonderful time.  There are so many places that I want to go.  This goal is easy because I am so motivated to get it done.
·      Finish one of my current works-in-progress – I have several partially completed books and book ideas, and I really want to do more writing this year with the goal of editing and publishing at least one of the novels I have started.  I have all the tools I need, but I have to make sure to set myself up for success by building specific writing time into my schedule and setting weekly/monthly writing goals. 
·      Read at least one book per week  - I will once again join the Goodreads Book Challenge to help me keep track of my reading and set my goal for reading 52 books in 2018.  I will also allow myself to stop reading any book that I get bored with.  I know that sometimes I get stuck reading a boring book and I feel guilty if I don’t finish, but life is too short to read bad books, especially when there are so many good books out there that I want to read. 

That’s my list for 2018.  I think I can do it, but it will take hard work and commitment.

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