Saturday, June 7, 2014

Father's day

I am posting my Father's day blog early because I will be gone next week.

Father’s day is always a time of mixed emotions for me.  I love the chance to honor my dad – he is such an amazing man.  He is truly one of the greatest Generation, a World War II Navy Veteran and retired NYPD Detective, he has served others for his entire life.   He has been an incredible Dad, Grandpa and now even Great Grandpa and I am grateful every day to have had such a wonderful man in my life. 

That’s the easy part of Father’s Day.  Father’s day gets more complicated when I think about the fact that my daughter’s do not have their dad around anymore, my former husband took his own life (almost 7 years ago).  It was an incredibly difficult time, but my girls and I grew even closer as we went through everything together. I still remember the first Father’s day after he died; Danielle got me a father’s day gift, with a big hug & a smile she said – you are my Mom & Dad now.  My brothers have done their best to be amazing uncles, and I know that the girls appreciate having them in their lives. 

When I met my fiancé Peter, it was obviously important to me that he and the girls would like each other & I am so happy to say that they do.  They have such a good relationship and by the time this father’s day gets here, the girls will officially have a new step-dad.   

I am so glad that Peter will be a part of their life, but there are some times when I still get sad about the things their dad missed and will miss in their lives, things like graduations, moving into the college dorm, prom.  I have such fond memories of my dad doing all of these special things with me, I did my best to make each event special, and my girls have always handled everything with such grace and dignity, but every once in a while I think about all that he missed and all the things he will not get to see.

Now that Rachael is engaged, I can envision her walking down the aisle, a beautiful bride, and I know that my dad, or Peter or any of her uncles would be thrilled to give her away.  It will be bittersweet.  We will enjoy celebrating another milestone in life, it’s too bad he will miss it. 

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