Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have you heard of FIVERR?

I stumbled upon this crazy, fun website awhile back, and I love it.

It is described as the world largest marketplace for services, starting at $5.  What kind of services, well – almost anything you can think of.  Do you need a professional voice over for your video, do you need a quick article edited, do you want your picture photo shopped, do you need something translated into French or Thai?  There are ads (or gigs) offered by individuals and you can purchase a gig for any of these and hundreds of other similar services.  Some are useful and some are just hilarious. 

For only $5, you can have someone be your video spokesperson, design a business card, design a resume, sing a customized jingle or write a press release for your business.  Heck you can even have someone play a song on their ukulele.  All of this for only five dollars is a pretty amazing deal, but some of these budding entrepreneurs will ask for additional ‘gigs’ to complete the task or service you request. 

While I was still finishing and editing my book, I used an artist on FIVERR to create a book cover for my book.  I mainly wanted this cover as a way to visualize the completed product. 

As you can see – this cover was not the quality that I would use for an actual finished product, let’s face it…you do get what you pay for, so for only $5 this isn’t bad, but it’s not good enough for publication. 

I think this is a fun idea and a great way to help out some budding entrepreneurs, so if you need someone to record themselves saying something while jumping on a trampoline or write your company logo on their back, you should check out FIVERR. 






  1. I've used fivver twice but the quality was so bad I can't even remember what for now.

    1. Thanks Carla - it is a gamble, but sometimes you find a gem. Really for $5 you pretty much know you are just finding people who are trying to get started, or they just aren't very good.