Sunday, April 19, 2015

#Authors #Copyright #Infringement #Notification

There always seems to be something new to learn as an indie author, today's lesson is all about copyright infringement and pirating.  It all started when I read a very informative blog post

After reading this article, I decided to check and see if any of my books were being listed on these pirating sites.  When I started Google searching for my book titles I was extremely frustrated to see that my books were listed on several pirate websites, offering free copies. My books are relatively low priced and I don’t sell hundreds of copies daily, so these sites are stealing from the little amount of royalties that I do make.  It is frustrating that someone does this to authors, as most authors already make very little money. 

If you are an author, it is a good idea to try and find these sites and demand they remove your copyrighted material – but most importantly, readers need to stop using these sites.  If a book is offered for free on any sites other than a reputable book site (Amazon, Smashwords, etc) PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD IT.  
And to the jerks who have illegally put my book on your websites, since I don’t make enough as an indie author to pursue legal action – I can only wish that karma will catch up to you, but in the meantime I can post your website here to alert other authors!

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