Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exploring the Wonders of Arizona, yesterday & today

As I was scanning old photos I came across a whole bunch of family pictures from our various vacations through the years.  Somehow my parents managed to wrangle an entire tribe of children and take us to exciting places.  We moved to Arizona when I was only nine years old, and for the first several years my parents planned trips all over the state to help their children to see all of the wonders of Arizona. 

We explored the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest of northern Arizona.

We visited the Grand Canyon.

We learned all about the large meteorite that struck the desert at Meteor Crater.

We watched gun fights and enjoyed the old west experience in Tombstone.
We went ‘south of the border’ in Nogales.
I am so grateful that my parents took the time to teach me all about Arizona.  I made sure to take my children to many of the same wonderful places in our state and even a few that I had never visited.

We explored the copper mines near Bisbee.

We ate peaches at Schnepf Farms.

We went camping up on the Mongollon Rim

And climbed up the lookout tree (that smells like vanilla ice cream)

And hiked to the top of Picacho Peak.

Arizona has so many wonders to share with children. I look forward to sharing Arizona with my grandchildren in the future.  


  1. Yes it does. I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I was rarely taken anywhere by my parents (due to circumstances, not due to anything bad on their part). My husband and I, in turn, made sure we traveled a lot with our son. I agree travel for children is a must, where it is possible.