Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Truths and a Lie

Have you heard of the game Two Truths and a Lie?  Essentially it is a classic icebreaker game where the players try to determine which of three statements is false.

If you haven’t played before it is a lot of fun – so I decided that we could play it on my blog today.  Read each statement about me and decide for yourself which ones are true and which one is not.

#1 – I climbed out of a boat in the middle of the everglades in Florida and held an alligator. 

#2 – I ran all the way up to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

#3 – I hung out with Amar’e Stodemeir backstage at a Destiny’s Child concert.

Which one do you think is a lie?

The truth is that I actually did all three. 
#1 – True: I went on a tour of Everglades and the tour guide actually got out first, he explained that out in the open it was perfectly safe so I jumped out of the boat.  I also held a baby alligator – it was about 2 feet long. 

#2 – Technically this is false, because I did not run the entire way, but I did climb up to the top.  I visited the famous Leaning Tower when I was in college and people were still allowed to climb up the stairs at that time.  The stairs were made of stone and very uneven and there was no guardrail, so it was actually little scary, but I did climb to the very top. 

#3 – True: I had a part-time job doing marketing at events and I was able to attend a Destiny’s Child concert on their farewell tour.  Because I had a staff pass, I was allowed to go back stage and during an intermission Amar’e Stoudemier came backstage to meet the band.  We actually hung out and talked for several minutes.  He was very nice and very TALL in person. 

Now its your turn, share your two truths and lie in the comments below.


  1. 1. I've kissed a Komodo dragon. 2. I used to drive a VW Thing and switched doors with a friend. 3. I met the cast of Dynasty back in the 1980s.

    1. I'm guessing the cast of Dynasty is a lie - maybe only part of the cast? How did I do?

  2. I can speak Mandarin.
    I once danced in and closed down forever, a local restaurant.
    I was taught to ski by a guy Hans, in the Swiss Alps.

    1. Okay - I think you the first one is the lie, you can only speak some mandarin, but #2 and #3 are true? How did I do?

  3. I ate dinner with yo-yo-ma. My parents forgot my 13th birthday. I called myself the wrong age for a year.

  4. I was sure that your first statement was a lie -- shows how much I know. What was it like to hold a baby gator?