Friday, April 8, 2016

No seriously – are you kidding me????

I try not to get too political on my blog, and I always try to respect other people’s opinions, but this week I encountered something that is simply too egregious to ignore.  I am talking about the new Indiana state law, HEA 1337. 

According to the Indian General Assembly, this bill:
·      Requires the state department of health to develop certain information concerning perinatal hospice care.
·      Requires physicians to provide information about perinatal hospice care to a pregnant woman who is considering an abortion because the unborn child has been diagnosed with a lethal fetal anomaly.
·      Requires documentation as a matter of informed consent to an abortion that the pregnant woman received the required information about perinatal hospice care.
·      Provides that the gender of the fetus and the medical indication by diagnosis code for the fetus and the mother must be reported on the pregnancy termination form for an early pre-viability termination.
·      Prohibits a person from performing an abortion if the person knows that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion solely because of: (1) the race, color, national origin, ancestry, or sex of the fetus; or (2) a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any other disability.
·      Provides for disciplinary sanctions and civil liability for wrongful death if a person knowingly or intentionally performs a sex selective abortion or an abortion conducted because of a diagnosis or potential diagnosis of Down syndrome or any other disability.
·      Provides that informed consent for an abortion must be obtained in a private setting.
·      Provides that a pregnant woman considering an abortion must be given the opportunity to view the fetal ultrasound imaging and hear the auscultation of the fetal heart tone at least 18 hours before the abortion is performed and at the same time that informed consent is obtained.
·      Provides that a miscarried or aborted fetus must be interred or cremated by a facility having possession of the remains. Requires a person or facility having possession of a miscarried or aborted fetus to ensure that the miscarried fetus or aborted fetus is preserved until final disposition occurs.
·      Specifies that: (1) a person is not required to designated a name for the miscarried or aborted fetus; and (2) information submitted with respect to the disposition of a miscarried or aborted fetus that may be used to identify the parent or parents of a miscarried fetus or a pregnant who had an abortion is confidential and must be redacted from any public records maintained under the burial permit law.

According to CNN, Indiana already has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation, and Pence called the bill, House Enrolled Act 1337, a "comprehensive pro-life measure."  This bill was so extreme that even Republican women voted against it.  

I am so sick of Republican MEN who claim that they want smaller government and LESS regulation on their businesses, yet they feel totally justified in telling women what to do with their bodies.  Not only that, but also this law actually forces a women to carry a pregnancy to term even if she knows that the fetus has a genetic deformity or she will be breaking the law.  This bill forces families to cremate remains of aborted or naturally miscarried fetuses, adding financial strain and additional burdens to families who are already grieving and struggling through a difficult time. 

I applaud the creative and independent women of Indiana who have decided that since their governor is so worried aobut their reproductive organs that they have begun a Periods for Pence campign where thousands of women are calling the governor’s office every day to let him know how their uterus and vaginas are doing.  You can find out more about the #periodsforpence  group through their Facebook page (

There is also an online petition that you can sign to voice your concern about this bill

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