Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Audiobooks -

Do you listen to audiobooks?  I have tried, really I have tried, but my mind simply wants to wander when I am listening to a book.  I love to read, I read often and when I read I get lost in each book, but trying to sit still and listen to a book is very difficult for me. 

I think the quality of the audiobook makes a big difference.  Just picturing visions of grade school, when the teacher would have students take turns reading aloud still makes me cringe.  The quality of the reader and the recording makes all the difference. 

Having the words on the page or screen in front of me helps when I want to go back and re-read something, when I start to get off track.  Yes, I know I can also rewind with audiobooks, but I have trouble with knowing how far back to rewind, and then I am listening to something I already read – so my mind begins to wander….see how this can be a vicious cycle?

I know that audiobooks are great for commuters who have lots of time stuck in traffic.  Listening to self-help or other nonfiction books while driving is a great way to use time effectively.  I have several friends who listen to books while running or working out.  I have tried, but there is just something about seeing the words that makes a difference to me.  

For those of you who do love audio books, I applaud you, but for me, I will stick to reading and not listening to my books. 

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