Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sorry, NOT Sorry

I have been told that I am too political.  Now I do understand that this past year has been incredibly divisive, and not everyone shares my passion for political activism, but I will NOT apologize for wanting to be an informed and engaged citizen.  Quite frankly I believe it is my duty as an American citizen to be informed and to participate in our democratic process to the best of my ability. 

I do not have young children anymore, but I still care deeply about ensuring adequate funding for schools.  I understand that paying my taxes is my duty, but I want to ensure that my tax dollars are going to be used in the best way possible.  I am getting older and issues like Social Security and Medicare have a new importance in my life.  I want to ensure that environmental protections will be put into place so that my grandson will still be able to enjoy this incredible planet. 

I am always willing to listen to people, even those who hold different opinions from my own.  I truly believe that these differences of opinion are what make our democracy so great. 

I do understand that politics can occasionally make some people uncomfortable, but I absolutely will not apologize for caring about the way our country, MY COUNTRY is run.  So to those people who say that I am too political – sorry but I am not sorry.  We are all affected by the decisions made at the local, state, and national levels.  We have to live with those decisions.   I will not apologize if I choose to volunteer my time to circulate petitions.  I will not apologize if I post on my Facebook about an issue or a candidate that I feel strongly about.   It is not only my right – I believe it is my duty as a citizen to care.  I will respect your opinion just as I hope you will respect mine.  If you don’t like what I have to say then feel free to scroll on by – but you can bet I will continue to share my views, and quite frankly I hope you will continue to share your opinions too. 


  1. How come you have no comments to this? I am eager to give you an attagirl for expressing how I have felt every day since I broke my ten-year political fast on Facebook and let 'er rip. You have languaged my own concerns well and I stand next to you as if we did the women's march together in the same city. Here, here! Remain vigilant. Resisting and persisting from Austin...

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie - I had one of those days when I just had the final straw and decided to sit down and write this post. I am much too old to apologize for being who I am. My niece was at the march in Austin with you, my daughter and I were at the march in Phoenix. I appreciate your comments - & we will persist!

  2. It's hard to sit back and watch stupidity unfold, Laurie. It's happening in my country too - India.