Wednesday, August 22, 2012

48 years young!

One more day until my birthday!  Its funny how 48 sounded ancient when I was in my teens and twenties, but now its simply 'midlife'.  So much has changed in the world in those last 48 years.  The cool birthday picture - it was on google today - personalized for me, and if I scrolled my mouse across the picture it read "Happy Birthday Laurie".  So much about the world is different.  So much about my world has changed too - sometimes I feel like the twenty three years with John was in another lifetime, it feels so long ago and so removed from my life now.  Peter and I had a funny conversation at lunch last weekend, I was actually figuring out how soon I could retire, REALLY, me retiring, old people retire - not I am really getting older (although I will never grow up).  By the way if my numbers are correct I can retire in 12 years.  Maybe I can retire and get busy writing  - like I want to.  One of my inspirations is Claire Cook, she is so proud to say she published her first book at 45 (I am a little late for that timeline, but does my Eating Disorder book for Rec Therapy count?). 
So my birthday wish - I want to publish a book, a novel before I am 50 years old. I might just focus on self publishing or epublishing, but I am going to do it.  Hopefully when I post on or before my next birthday I will be able to say my wish came true.

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