Sunday, August 19, 2012

Calming down

I'm so glad to finally feel like myself again.  I'm getting back into the groove at school, and finally feeling healthy and relatively normal, now I just need to get busy exercising again.  It was so nice to go to Julianna's wedding last week.  She and Michael looked so happy.  I was so glad to be part of her special day.

It is hard to believe but its been almost 5 years since John committed suicide.  I have talked with Danielle about finally going up to the Rim and maybe even going up to Colorado to spread his ashes.  It is time to just do it- and really move on.  I am going to invite Rachael too, but I am pretty sure she won't have any interest in going.  I want to make sure we put John somewhere that he loves, and that Dani & I have a chance to really spend some time saying goodbye.  It will be strange, but I think it will also be a good thing.  I know I will feel better with that door closed, so I can concentrate on a new future with Peter. 

I did decide on an official wedding date - Saturday June 14, 2014!  I know it is going to be amazing

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