Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh Look Shiny

Do you start something and get easily side-tracked?  It is a big problem for me.  In truth I probably have ADD, but as the youngest of six children, born more than a few decades ago, it was not something my parents worried about, so I was never officially given that label.  Whether I have the label or not, I do admit - I get easily distracted.

I have been trying to clean out my upstairs office – actually I have been trying to put my office back together after my amazing husband surprised me with beautiful new hardwood floors and a new paint job in the office.  It was hastily cleared out to do the work and now I am trying to go through years and years of crap to re-organize and put my office back together. 

There are boxes and boxes of old photographs, financial records and almost 30 years’ worth of sentimental items.  Each time I go through a box I find myself getting distracted, “Oh right I need to call the retirement system to change my name” or “I should collect all these photos and put them in a book” or "Wow I remember when the girls did this" or I simply get lost in thought, wondering how this person is doing and what that person is up to these days. 

I worked for hours today and I feel badly that I am not further along on my project.  My daughter teases me about being a pack rat – so I am trying to ‘get rid’ of some things, but how do you choose what special childhood memories to keep and which ones to throw in the trash. I really am trying, but for me it is hard work.  It can be tedious, I do not like to let things go easily.  I have a lot more boxes to get through. 

I am happy to report that today I managed to clear out 4 boxes.  It isn’t much – but it is a start and tomorrow I will sit down and try to stay focused and get even more boxes organized, emptied and put away…..but I am fairly certain I will also get distracted along the way. 

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