Saturday, July 12, 2014

The magic of writing

I turned on the television this morning and one of the stations was having a special Harry Potter weekend.  Watching for just a few minutes I was immediately transformed back to when my girls were young and we would sit in my bed and read from the Harry Potter books together.  Cries of “one more chapter mommy, please” would echo through my evenings.  As they got older, and were able to reads the books themselves, my youngest still wanted to sit with me reading them aloud to her – it was such a special time for us.  The world of Harry Potter was absolutely magical for muggles like us. 

I am still in complete awe of JK Rowling and her ability to weave a dynamic story.  In the first book, she was able to capture the essence of the entire relationship between Harry and Draco Malfoy in just a few lines of dialogue, and this set the immediate tone for the rest of the book series.  Her true genius became even more apparent in the later books, when we realized she had hidden clues inside the earlier books, clues we had read but never realized were significant.

As an aspiring writer, and one who is interested in writing for young adults, I am inspired and yes – somewhat overwhelmed when I encounter such fantastic writing.  I hope to be as moving and entertaining and impactful as a writer like JK Rowling.  I hope that I can make my historical novels dynamic enough to transport readers back in time, to give my readers the love that I have for history. 

And on that note…..I better get busy writing J


  1. I love reading a good book as a reader but then as a writer it makes me doubt my own abilities. Good luck!
    Angela @ Time with A & N

    1. Thanks so much Angela, writing is a constant war within yourself - feeling like you can write well and then feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. I will be happy to take all the luck I can get, thanks for stopping by my blog