Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My NaNo Adventure so far

As I hit my 20,000-word mark, coming close to the halfway point in my NaNo quest I am struggling with lots of self-doubt. Is this really a good story?  Will anyone really want to read it? Does it even make sense?  I have really struggled with doubt about my ability to write fiction.

I had a great conversation with my hubby about my Nano efforts so far and for me I think the most important part of this whole adventure is simply to prove to myself that I can actually write 50,ooo words, that I can finish a book.  Somehow having this knowledge will propel me to continue.  Knowing that I CAN write a full book will offer me the freedom to finish several of the book ideas that I have started, but haven’t really gone anywhere.  Whether this current Nano book is ever published doesn’t really matter – it is simply a catalyst for me to show me my true potential as a writer. 

The other thing that NaNo is teaching me is the power of consistency, getting in the habit of writing more than 1,000 words each day .  In order to be a successful writer I need to be writing each and every day.  So far I have done a really great job of staying on track, so I know I can do it. (Although I did skip one day for the ASU football game, but it was worth it)

At the end of November – not only will I be done with my current novel, but also I will be working on two more novels in the upcoming months.  I have great ideas, and with the confidence from my Nano adventure I know I can finish those as well as many more. 


  1. I'm glad you feel motivated with a renewed confidence you gained from your Nano experience. Happy writing!

  2. Good going! I can manage to write a lengthy blog post but I couldn't keep on theme for so many words! Fantastic progress! I hope you make it to the end :) It's not always about quality with writing. I feel that this challenge is, like you said, about building the habit and routine more than focussing and dwelling on the content. That being said if it's a good novel, run fast and far :)

    1. Thanks Chez - I completely agree, blogging seems so much easier, and even non-fiction is not too intimidating - there's just something about fiction, I think its the challenge of not comparing yourself with the great literary authors. I am really trying to be faithful to my writing and just see where it leads and as my hubby says - who knows, I could become the next J K Rowling (we all have to dream)