Saturday, November 29, 2014

On my way to Reaching my Dreams and Visions

I am so excited to announce my first published fictional story! I have been so busy this month with my National Novel Writing Month challenge, that I haven't been paying much attention to anything else, but a few months back I had submitted a short story to this Anthology about Dreams and Visions and my story was accepted.  It is being released this week.  I can now 'officially' call myself a fiction writer.  

My story is called "A Bad Dream...or maybe not"  and it is in the Nightmares section of the book.  It is truly exciting to have my story accepted for this anthology, its a big step on the way toward writing historical fiction and other stories.

How incredibly appropriate that this anthology is entitled "Dreams and Visions" since it is the vehicle that is helping me to achieve my dreams of writing fiction.  

Here are the purchase links for "Dreams and Visions" to purchase a paperback copy to purchase "Where Dreams and Visions Live", a new anthology in e-book format Preorder "Where Dreams and Visions Live" in e-book format

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