Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cheers to all the amazing step-dads out there

When I met my husband, he never imagined how much his life would change.  After almost 50 years of living without children, he became a step-dad.  My husband has an amazing capacity to love and I have enjoyed watching the relationship that developed between my daughters and Peter.  He never pushed or forced the issue, he simply accepted them both and showed them that he cared.  I have often been amazed at how much he genuinely cares about the girls.  He has never once complained, or even hesitated in supporting the girls.  Paying for school and a wedding.  Fixing cars and helping to remodel houses.  Including the girls on vacations, even bringing them along on our luxurious trip to Antigua where we got married.  My daughters and I agree, Peter is a wonderful step-dad. 

There are so many fabulous step-dads out there.  It is a big responsibility to enter a child’s life.  I am so proud to know so many amazing men who have stepped up to do just that.  My brother is an incredible step-dad.  He loved his two step-sons through some serious struggles and challenges in their teen years, and as adults they are closer than ever. 

My friend Tracey is another step-dad whom I admire.  Tracey is such a kind warm-hearted person, and he patiently and lovingly supports his wife and stepchildren despite the fact that he often has to see their father at school or sports functions.  He is so careful to not speak badly about their father, he simply sits there supporting his kids and cheering them on. 

My friend Steve is not quite a step-dad yet, but he already is showing his amazing capacity for love toward his girlfriend’s children.  Dating someone with children may be more complicated, but it can enrich your life in ways you never imagined.

All of these men, and so many others are heroes in my opinion.  They have made a decision to be part of someone’s life not out of duty but out of love.  They could choose to sit on the sidelines, but instead they step up and choose to become actively involved in the lives of their stepchildren.  I am sure it isn’t always easy.  They often walk a tightrope between trying to do the right thing, and not over-stepping. 

I know each situation is unique, but I am so very grateful for the way my husband patiently developed his relationship with my girls.  He showed them how much he cared, and he never once complained.  

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  1. I agree, it is so difficult to be a stepdad especially when the father is still in the picture. Peter displays such unconditional love to your girls it is inspiring. God has certainly bless not just me but my children, yes all 3 of them even if they won't admit it, with an amazing stepdad in Tracey. Great write up my friend!