Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tax Time Again - but for me that means good news

It’s that time of year again, when everyone digs through piles of crumpled receipts and tries to make some semblance of organization out of the chaos.  Yes my friends, it is tax time and while I do understand that preparing taxes for most people is about as much fun as a root canal, there was one small bright spot for me this year.  Between all the sorting and adding, I took a minute to appreciate the fact that once again this year I will have to claim income as an author.  Yes, I am actually happy that I have to pay taxes on my book royalties, because that means that once again I HAD book royalties. 

I do have to admit it is not an incredibly large amount, but as my wonderful husband/biggest cheerleader reminded me, I have earned income because people paid money to read my words and ideas.  This really is something to celebrate. 
Although I am not yet making enough with writing to give up my current teaching job, I am hopeful that my royalty income will continue to grow.  With two books and one short story so far, I have seen consistent sales each month.  I am continuing to use social media to market my books with fairly good success.  Looking at my total yearly revenue gives me inspiration to keep working on my new projects.  I don’t really mind paying my fair share of tax and hopefully next year I will have to pay even more taxes – for a really great reason. 

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