Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Benefits of Online relationships

I will be the first person to admit that social media can be frustrating, but there are some major benefits to having strong online social networks.
As a society we are becoming less physically connected.  We don’t know our neighbors like we used to.  We also spend increasing amounts of time online.  When you put both of those concepts together you get a strong need for a social network online. Facebook and other social media platforms can serve a useful purpose in providing a positive social support system.
I am really enjoying reconnecting with old friends through social media.  I don’t have to wait for my high school reunion to catch up with friends near and far.  I love seeing pictures of their fun family vacations and their adorable grandchildren.  I had the privilege of serving on the board of a national association many years ago, and Facebook allows me to re-connect with many of those friends too.  

I was lucky enough to meet two incredibly lovely foreign exchange students from Thailand and France who I became very close with and now through social media I can keep up my relationship with them.  I can send a SnapChat message or share an Instagram picture with my 'extended children' around the globe.
Even my work building an author platform has enabled me to make friends with fellow authors near and far, and I can proudly say I have many new author and blogger friends via social media.  I even have the opportunity to interact with many of my favorite authors through social media. Our world is more connected than ever.  

Social media is changing the role and meaning of friendships in our digitally connected society.  I am NOT saying that social media replaces the need for authentic face-to-face human interaction, but it can add a great deal to your life.


  1. What can we do without social media? Thumbs up for authentic face-to-face human interaction, but the change that social media is bringing can only be ignored to our detriment.

  2. I have met so many wonderful people first through blogging, then through facebook. Some of them have become part of my "IRL" circles, and conversely, I love the ease of interacting with family and friends on Facebook (especially friends I'd lost touch with). OK, there've been a couple of blowouts, but you get that in real life, too.

  3. And as a Navy brat, there are a lot of friends I'd lost touch with out there.

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