Sunday, January 26, 2014

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

I noticed a tweet today about International Holocaust Remembrance day.  "On January 27th, we mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the date on which Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated by Red Army troops in 1945."

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When I think of Holocaust Memorial day I think of all the moving, compelling books I have read about the Holocaust; stories that have shocked and horrified me, stories that have moved me and made me cry, and all of the untold stories of horrors that we were never able to hear because they were never able to be told.  I recently saw a picture online that showed the 10 most read books of all time and not surprisingly 'The Diary of Anne Frank' is on that list.  Her poignant account of growing up during the Holocaust gave a face and a name to the millions of Jews who suffered and died during the Holocaust.  It seems unimaginable to think of the humiliation, suffering, torture and murder of so many people, guilty of only one thing, a Jewish heritage.  In that way I am also guilty and I can't help but empathize with Holocaust survivors, I can't help but wonder why this was allowed to happen and be angry at the injustice.  Despite my sadness and anger, it is my obligation to teach tolerance, to ensure the memory of these people are never forgotten and to help ensure our world is a better place today and in the future. 

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