Friday, May 30, 2014

A Blank Page

A blank page can be very intimidating.  There are so many possibilities.  Sometimes I feel like my life is like that – there are so many wonderful opportunities, it can get overwhelming. 

Right now for instance;

·        I could take my dog for a walk on this beautiful morning
      ·        I could go down to the YMCA for a much needed workout
      ·        I could go upstairs and clean out the spare bedroom
           (I have been meaning  to do that for ages now)

·        I could go and scan all of Mom’s old pictures
(I want to make a disk for each of my sibling with family photos)
·        I could surf Pinterest for hours, looking at fun recipes or really cool old photos
·        I could watch cooking shows and get inspired to cook an amazing meal
·        I could fold the laundry before it wrinkles
·        I could do some research for my book
·        I could actually be writing my book

Every single one of these ideas is a good one, the hard part is deciding which one to actually do.  Yes, a blank page can be a challenge, but it won’t stay blank for long so I’d better get busy…

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