Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The big day is almost here

Yup, it’s almost here.  After months of planning and dreaming, our incredible Antigua Beach Wedding is only a few short weeks away and we are both like little kids waiting for Christmas morning, we are so excited.  We have even started this adorably annoying habit of reminding each other how many days it is until the wedding. 

I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a rare and wonderful guy.  He is so supportive of everything I do.  He is my biggest fan.  He makes me laugh and smile all the time.  When I am with him, I can’t be in a bad mood – it’s impossible.  He has such a great outlook on life and his enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. 
I know I have found the perfect partner for me & I can’t imagine a more beautiful setting to start our married life together.  We have had so much fun making plans for all of the fantastic things we will do in Antigua, but to be honest, the one thing I am looking forward to the most is just sitting in a beach chair next to Peter and enjoying the moments together. 

In one month from today, I will be standing on a beach, saying I do to the man that I love! 


  1. He sounds like just the guy for you. Just make sure to enjoy the moments leading up to the big day as well - it all goes by too fast.

    1. Thanks Cyndi - he is perfect for me & we are both enjoying every moment