Saturday, May 3, 2014

I admit it - I'm a nerd, and I will celebrate Star Wars Day!


I never really thought about the fact that I may be a nerd.  I love to read, I watch Sci Fi channel – especially those awful old B-rated movies about something destroying the planet until the unlikely hero rescues everyone, I wait in line on opening day for all the new Marvel superhero movies – so I guess I do officially qualify as a nerd.  I know that I am in good company. J

As a genuine nerd – I will gladly admit that I am excited to celebrate Star Wars Day.  I might not watch all six movies like the Big Bang Theory show portrayed this week, but hopefully I can stream one or two of the original movies.  I remember being so excited to see Star Wars in the movies (and yes like most fans, I thoroughly DISLIKE the newer episodes 1, 2 & 3).  It is hard to image that the first movie came out almost 4 decades ago. 

I know I had a big crush on Luke Skywalker and Han Solo – I mean who didn’t?  I was sooo pissed at my older sister for spilling the beans about Darth Vader. 
Even now – with the goofy old graphics, that were cutting edge at the time, there is nothing quite like watching Jedi Knights defend the galaxy. 

Like most Star Wars fans, I was very excited when the cast of the seventh "Star Wars" movie was announced & it included many of the original actors.  I am also a bit apprehensive, because like me, my Jedi heroes have aged a bit too – and I want to remember them in all their glory.  Seeing Luke & Han much older means I have to face the fact that I am older too. 

I will celebrate official Star Wars day and I will look forward to the newest installment of this amazing movie franchise, and I really hope this seventh movie will bring back the glory of Star Wars and some of my favorite childhood heroes. JJ Abrams – Good luck and May the Fourth be with you!


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