Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chocolate - Nector of the Gods

According to historians, the ancient Mayans used chocolate as a form a currency.  Only the wealthy and important were good enough to have some.  Even then, chocolate was a prized possession. 

As we enter the Easter season, children everywhere will squeal with delight as they find a large chocolate bunny among the items in their Easter basket.  Some children take their time, taking only small, tantalizing nibbles from their prized delicacy.  Other children ravenously devour large chunks of their bunny, with creamy chocolate residue covering their little hands and faces, as a sweet reminder of the chocolaty goodness. 

For young and old alike, chocolate is irresistible.  Easter chocolate, Valentines chocolates, romantic strawberries dipped in chocolate, we continue to worship this marvelous gift of nature.  Calories are forgotten when chocolate is involved.  Nothing is more romantic than a sumptuous chocolate fondue, which is most likely the reason why the Melting Pot Restaurant is so popular.  Dipping chunks of fruit and cakes in the smooth chocolate and feeding it to your loved one makes for a sensuous evening like no other. 

It is not only children who dream of visiting Willy Wonka’s factory, to swim in the chocolate river like the gluttonous Augustus.  We all hoped to win the coveted prize – a lifetime supply of chocolate. 

As we get closer to Easter, and the chocolate eggs and bunnies tempt us, it’s okay to take a bite – because unlike the ancient Mayans, everyone today is allowed to have chocolate & isn’t that a sweet thought. 


  1. Thanks...now I'm going to go and find some Easter Mini Eggs to eat. lol. Love your posts!

  2. Thanks so much Sue - My daughter was so excited when all the Easter candy was marked for clearance at Walgreens. There is waaay too much chocolate at our house this week