Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Big decision – Cake or mini-cakes?

As our wedding draws near, we are getting more and more excited & we are spending more and more money.  I assume this is typical with all weddings.  There are so many decisions to make.  Recently we had the opportunity to do a cake testing with an amazing young new business owner.  She brought us some samples to try, so we could choose our favorite cake for the reception. 

Peter & I both had so much fun trying each of the flavors and making decisions about what we wanted at our wedding reception.  The cake is going to be done in a beach theme, with yummy tropical flavors for the little mini-cakes (they are square in shape – so they are not considered cupcakes).  I wanted to make sure our reception celebration is simple and fun, I didn’t want anyone to be worrying about cutting up pieces of cake for everyone.  Mini-cakes seem like such a good idea.  There will be a small cake on top for us and then several pretty tiers of individual mini-cakes. 

Even with a relatively low stress wedding like ours, there is a lot of planning that goes into any wedding.  As the list of things-to-do for the wedding grows longer and longer, it is a great feeling to know that we have accomplished something and had fun doing it.  Our cake is decided on, and ordered, now we have to decide on the food, get decorations, confirm the guest list, and at least a hundred other things.

I am trying to remind myself to enjoy the process and not let myself be stressed out by any of the wedding details.  I am really looking forward to those mini-cakes, I know everyone is going to love them. 


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