Monday, April 7, 2014

No Housework Day! What a GREAT Holiday to celebrate

Did you ever notice that watching even just a few short minutes of the TV show Hoarders will inspire you to go and do some housework.  Something about the dirt and bug infested houses of the people on the show cause you to simultaneously be thankful for your own semi-orderly home & spur your need to go clean something...
I have always described myself as 'domestically impaired'.  I am not Martha Stewart!  My version of a clean floor is one that has no large chunks on the floor, thank goodness I have those natural built in vacuum cleaners called dogs, fortunately they do pick up any and all food items on the floor, including licking the floor clean at times, but they do tend the leave piles of their own hair all over the place.  My house is not disgusting like the people on the TV show, but it is not as clean as some people.  I have always been the kind of person who would rather go  have a tea party with my daughter rather than clean the house.  I do clean - but only when I am really stressed out about the condition of the house - in other words, when it finally gets bad enough I clean.  Sometimes I even specifically invite people over, because I know it will force me to clean. 
I was so excited to find out that April 7th is officially no Housework day - this is a holiday that I will really enjoy celebrating.  To those of you who are like me, those of you who HATE housework, I want to wish you a very Happy National No Housework Day!


  1. very nice a great relaxing holiday

  2. Replies
    1. No worries - I think this is a holiday we can all choose to celebrate as often as we want, I know I will 😀