Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Reverse Bucket List

There’s something about a new year starting that inspires many people to write a bucket list.  You’ve seen them – the 101 things I want to do before I kick the bucket.  I am not against writing a bucket list, in fact I wrote one for myself several years ago and I must admit it is a great feeling to be able to cross items off the list as you accomplish them.  It provides a great deal of satisfaction. 

Setting goals is a fantastic way to start off a new year, but it’s also important to take time to celebrate as well.  In that spirit I have decided to share with everyone my reverse bucket list – a list of so many of the wonderful things that I have done during my lifetime so far.  I am always a very goal driven person, but sometimes I am so busy looking ahead that I skip over the part where I stop and feel good about where I am in my life.  This list is a chance for me to celebrate and to take a minute to slow down and look back on my accomplishments.  I had a lot of fun coming up with this list & although I am sure I missed quite a few, I think this is a pretty good representation of my adventurous spirit:

·      Went skydiving
·      Rode a jet ski
·      Drove a snowmobile
·      Went Kayaking on a lake, river and in the ocean
·      Went ice skating
·      Went roller skating
·      Went hiking
·      Went snow skiing
·      Went cross-country skiing
·      Went water skiing
·      Rode an ATV
·      Rode in a hot air balloon
·      Went rock climbing & repelling
·      Went para-sailing
·      Swam with dolphins and stingrays
·      Held an alligator
·      Went scuba diving
·      Went river rafting
·      Went on a cruise
·      Got a tattoo
·      Ran a 5K
·      Ran a half-marathon (Okay so I walked/ran it, but I finished)
·      Graduated college
·      Got married (twice actually)
·      Had children (2 beautiful daughters)
·      Bought a house
·      Wrote & published a book
·      Rode a subway in NYC
·      Rode in a NYC cab
·      Rode in a cable car in San Francisco
·      Rode in a Gondola in Venice Italy
·      Visited the grand canyon ( and hiked part of it)
·      Went skinny dipping
·      Flew first class
·      Visited Rome
·      Visited Paris
·      Visited New York City
·      Watched a play on Broadway
·      Visited London
·      Protested for a cause
·      Visited Niagra falls
·      Swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
·      Went to a drive in movie
·      Attended a mystery dinner theatre
·      Drove part of Route 66
·      Went to Speed dating
·      Ordered room service
·      Rode a Segway
·      Stayed on the Vegas Strip
·      Saw Cirque du Solei
·      Visited Disneyland
·      Visited Disneyworld
·      Visited the Empire Sate building & went to the top
·      Visited the Space Needle and went to the top
·      Visited the St. Louis Arch and went to the top
·      Visited the Leaning Tower of Piza and climbed to the top
·      Visited the Coliseum
·      Visited the Smithsonian
·      Visited the Lincoln Memorial
·      Went to Mexico
·      Went to Canada
·      Visited Napa and did wine tasting
·      Played laser tag
·      Made a snow angel
·      Went gold panning
·      Dyed my hair bright pink
·      Attended my high school reunion
·      Spent the night at a haunted hotel
·      Kissed someone under the mistletoe
·      Did a pub crawl in England
·      Watched a meteor shower
·      Visited Germany
·      Drank beer from a glass boot
·      Visited Switzerland and had a real Swiss fondue
·      Was a bridesmaid
·      Threw my three coins in the Trevi fountain
·      Visited the French quarter of New Orleans
·      Earned my beads in New Orleans 
·      Had a bonfire on the beach
·      Went whale watching for Orcas & saw some
·      Went sailing on the ocean at sunset
·      Rode a bike through Central Park
·      Visited the Sistine Chapel
·      Drove a convertible
·      Rode in a limousine
·      Rode a motorcycle
·      Took a sleigh ride in the snow
·      Visited Times Square
·      Walked in the Florida Everglades
·      Attended Space camp
·      Attended a Major League Baseball game
·      Attended an NBA Basketball game
·      Attended an NFL football game
·      Attended a College Bowl football game
·      Explored Pompeii
·      Went Christmas Caroling door to door
·      Stayed in a hostel
·      Rode a double-decker bus in London
·      Went camping
·      Saw a bear in the wild
·      Was the Keynote speaker at a conference
·      Saw the Daily Show in person
·      Rode in an airboat across the everglades
·      Visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame
·      Went horseback riding
·      Explored a shipwreck under water

I guess some people could say I am bragging, but that is not my intention – I just want to remind myself that I really have done a lot…and I’m not done yet, I still have so many things I still want to do.

What is on your bucket list - and what adventures have you done that you can celebrate?


  1. Congratulations on achieving those goals! It does feels amazing having to cross items on the list. Love your positive and not-giving-up attitude.

    *sends best wishes to you for the new year* :)

  2. Thanks so much Sakshi, I have so many more things I want to do but it is important to stop and take time to celebrate too. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)