Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Green & Gold Life

My husband is the most optimistic person I have ever met.  He is also the biggest Green Bay Packer Fan you will ever meet.  These two personality traits often lead to some fun and interesting situations.  

Whenever we go anywhere in public, Peter has an almost psychic ability to spot anyone wearing a Green Bay hat, shirt, jacket or any other Packer related fan attire.  He immediately feels a kinship with this total stranger and proceeds to strike up a conversation with them.  Without fail these conversations will include the phrase "SuperBowl bound baby".  Peter is unyielding in his commitment to the belief that his beloved Packers will not only return to the Superbowl this year, but they will obviously win it.  He clings to this belief, regardless of whether his team is having a great or having a not-so-great year.  
Sunday Packer games are a spiritual experience for Peter that rival the most evangelical church services.  For those of you wondering, yes he does wear his 'Cheesehead" for the games.  I have so much fun with Peter, we cheer loudly as his beloved Packers face each opponent.  

Growing up in Green Bay, Packer football might actually be encoded into Peter's DNA.  Everyone who spends any amount of time with my husband is quickly convinced that he does indeed have Green and Gold flowing through his veins.  

There are some definite advantages to having a die-hard Packer fan for a husband, for starters it is really easy to shop for Peter, he will LOVE anything with a Packer logo on it.  Peter is an also an expert at cooking bratwurst.  

With the Packers in the playoffs this year, there is a great deal of excitement in our household.  Its hard not to get carried away with Peter's enthusiasm, and yes, on a daily basis Peter reminds everyone that his beloved Packers are "Superbowl Bound"


  1. The Green and Gold is very popular here in Australia too. The big difference is, they are Team Australia's colours for rugby league, union or Aussie Rules. Does your husband Play football or is he a watcher only? I enjoyed your article, Laurie.

  2. Thanks so much Jan - my husband is only a spectator, he hasn't played any football since high school, but he loads of fun watching.