Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy Dance

There is nothing quite like the feeling when I click on my Kindle Publishing account and see that someone has bought one of my books, or that they have borrowed one of my books with their Kindle Unlimited subscription.  I do an internal happy dance and sometimes, if there are a lot of sales I might even do an actual happy dance.  
Someone is reading the words I wrote.  Someone has paid their hard earned money to read a product I produced.  It is so incredible to realize that my books are a special kind of legacy that will outlive me.  The words that I write today will have a life of their own.  
While its not in the thousands (yet!) it is exciting to think about my books being read literally all over the world.  I have had book sales through Amazon in United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.  At one point I was actually the #1 Best Seller in Women's health books in Australia.  
I really do appreciate each and every book sale and I am so grateful to my readers.  


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    1. Thanks so much Jennifer, that feeling of excitement never gets old.

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    1. Thanks Judith, I think we all need to remember to celebrate more often and every book sale really is a reason to celebrate.