Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Uterus hates me :(

Let's face it - getting older isn't for sissies, but this week has been ridiculous.  I was so excited to be tagging along with Peter while he visits his customer sites in California.  We had it all planned, a day in San Diego before heading up to his favorite place-Huntington beach.  Seemed like a perfect plan except for one thing - MY MEAN UTERUS!  The trip started out nice, after a small argument about hotels we decided to splurge on a beautiful place in La Jolla with an ocean view.  Our reservation was all set for kayaking, and I was really enjoying the day with Peter.  I was spotting alittle and crampy, I wondered if I might be starting my period (my cycle has been so nuts lately I have no idea what's up) so I felt prepared with a tampon & we headed to the kayaks.  Peter tried, but decided it really wasn't for him.  I kinda wondered if that might happen-so that's why I got two singles instead of a tandem.  It was soooo fun, but when we were done I had that 'uh-oh' feeling and told Peter I needed a store and a restroom, sure enough, I was big time bleeding.  I have never had such a heavy period in my life, it hasn't stopped for two days now, cramps and massive bleeding, it is so bad I actually called the doctor because apparently this is excessive.  I'm waiting for her to call back.  I would rather be out on the beach, but I have to run to the restroom every hour to change, so hangin at the beach is not as fun as I had hoped.  I'm not as worried about the idea of cancer now - and to be honest i just want this dam uterus to be out.  Surgery still scares me alittle, but I want to deal with this and be able to move on.  I am bummed about the timing really messing up our cool vacation - lets face it, a woman who is bleeding heavily is not a very fun partner & poor Peter is worried about me.  He is so sweet, I am so lucky to have him in my life.  he was so proud to show me where he used to live and all of his favorite spots to hang out.  Once the doctor calls i'm gonna try to get changed and go hang out on the beach - even just for an hour or so.

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